There are many people that have been trying their hardest to stop the culture of our nation from changing.  They liked it the way it was and have been unsuccessful in turning back the clock to keep it that way.  This is the battle that so many have been laboring in, but have not seemed to get under control. Culture has shown itself to be much too powerful a force.

A main battle front of this war has been the fight to keep our traditional definitions firm and secure.  

Some are so desperately battling to not lose what was the commonly held meaning of so many titles in our world, however we are living in a culture that is letting go of traditional definitions.  When our young people step out into neighborhoods, jobs, and social groups they will see people care less and less about what the masses believe a term to mean, but instead they will redefine that term to adjust to their personal experience.

Letting go of traditional definitions has been fought against and resisted because those definitions have been a firm foundation that we have relied upon to speak up for the ideals we believe in.

Many of us grew up in a world where when you said “marriage” it meant one thing. I don’t think many people would have thought that the definition of that word would have ended up in the hands of the Supreme Court.  When you said “Man” or “Woman” it meant one thing. I don’t think many people would have imagined that a male Olympic track champion would be on the covers of magazines and receiving a courage award for now living his life as a woman. When you said what race you were it meant one thing. I don’t think many people would have imagined that a NAACP leader, although she was born to two white parents, could confidently say “I don’t care what you think… I consider myself black”. And for those of us in the Church, when you said that you were a Christian it was supposed to mean something specific. But the way that Christians are perceived by the wider culture holds little resemblance to that which Christ imagined for His followers.

This is now a culture where you cannot rely on terms and titles to communicate for you.

Previous generations see this as a liability and have been fighting against it.  This next generation has the opportunity to see this as an asset and can use it to take their impact to a more authentic and powerful level.

I have a lot more to share about this… come back tomorrow